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The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes; the response time of is 1400 feet per second.

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This house is protected by God and gun. Come in uninvited and meet them both

Daily Man Up (31 Photos) - April 6, 2015 - Suburban Men - April 6, 2015

Daily Man Up (31 Photos)

the best aromatherapy - LOVE the smell of gun powder in the morning air.

handguns for women - Google Search

Ever notice how the only people who claim guns are good for women are anti-feminists? Guns aren’t actually all that effective at protecting women from violence. People want their guns; Framing gun ownership as feminist is nonsense.

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Guns Mini-Tutorial: Stances by ~PhiTuS on deviantART

Guns Mini-Tutorial: Stances by ~PhiTuS on deviantART. Never hold it like a gangsta - Poor accuracy, stupid way to hold,e specially if the gun has recoil or jolts upon firing.

Gun Infographic (see link for more) - visit us at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, Sparta, IL

4Chan /k/

A nice infographic explaining different gun types and their ammunition.

Pink Bullets HSOMFG......look at the points on them...aaayaaah! Lisa Rogers....Thank you from my heart truly! Now I must faint....(((THUD)))

I've tipped my ammo for home defense in Hot Pink! I want them to know that they were shot by a girl and with a pink bullet too!

no shit, right?!

Stewie has a point…

Soldiers with Guns Kill People. Law Enforcement with Guns Kill People. Criminals with Guns Kill People. Stupid People with Guns Kill People. Crazy People with Guns Kill People.