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Style Bloggers Chriselle Lim, Peace Love Shea, and Natalie Off Duty Share Their Beauty Secrets

@byrdiebeauty - Chriselle Lim When it comes to avoiding post-flight puffy face syndrome, Lim employs one tried-and-true trick: “Icing [your] face will help with swelling and any puffiness!” she says. “Especially when I’m flying, I like to ask the flight attendants for a cup of ice, and I’ll usually wrap the ice in a small hand towel, and start icing my face.” She says her face and eyes tend to swell up in the air, so she always ices them toward the end of my plane ride. “It also tightens…

Like what you see here? Let’s be friends! Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram So I woke up this morning all, “Let me make something healthy to share today!” and then ended up with this: True story. How that happened I’ll never know. Well, that’s not true. I do know. I baked something with coconut flour, tasted it and decided it...Read More »

Every one has beliefs, truths to which we hold as they make our lives bearable, or good to live. BUT no one does have the same beliefs as anyone else as each human is unique and beliefs cannot be shared. Thus, religions have nothing to do with beliefs: they are clubs with all sorts of rules that members adhere to and / or breach.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Big Red

Sneak peek on a project I've been working on! Stay tuned! @piperlime #16HoursOfStyle #liketkit @liketkit #Padgram