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  • Bonita Tate

    Lady Bug Landing..not an animal but this is an incredible photo that I had to pin. So there...

  • Anna Humphreys

    Ladybugs have any names including lady beetles or ladybird beetles. The are very beneficial to the garden. The feed primarily on aphids, but also eat other small, soft-bodied insect larvae, insect eggs, and mites.

  • Joel Castellanos Navarrete

    Incredible ladybug shot. Landing gear down!

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~ Ladybug ~ #Tiny #Creatures 🐞 #Pretty "I heard, if a Ladybug lands on you, it's Good luck !"

amazing shot of a ladybug spreading her wings to fly. Kind of want it framed and hung in my ladybugs room.

Quem sabe concentrar-se numa coisa e insistir nela como único objetivo, obtém, ao fim e ao cabo, a capacidade de fazer qualquer coisa.

Not all beetles are adore, however, this lil lady works to save your food for you, the un-chemical way.

Seven-spot ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata)

Lady Bugs! When I live in Hawaii when I was little there was this tree stump behind the house that was always COVERED in lady bugs - we called it the Lady Bug Tree.

Lady Bug : Coccinelle : France : Nikon D90 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ladybug daisy train? *chuckle*…. So sweet! ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers)