Coming in for a landing!

ღღ Amazing shot!!! ~~~ Dancing on the flower by Teguh Santosa

Incredible photo of a liftoff by a ladybug by Scott Linstead

Bug in my ear... ☀

A Lady Bird - as the English would say :) There are about 6000 species of ladybugs, some with spots and some without.

quick lens action shot and macro setting paired together to create one breathtaking image.

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It's said to be good luck when a ladybug lands on you

So beautiful!

What an amazing photo

Cuban Land Snail

Lady Bug Trio on a Pretty Flower


Hitching a ride...

♥Ladybugs in a leaf

The Spirit Of Spring - Tammy Bergstrom


Ladybugs And Butterflies, Ladybug Love, Bookplates Etchings

More damselfly shots...