Happy opossum giving you a flower.......Your welcome,....


Who has it better than me ?

It is impossible to look at this and not smile

Wow, a fox enjoying a flower. Even the wildlife needs pet friendly gardens.

Porcupine smelling flowers

Opossum: eats almost everything, mammal, can reach 2,5 ft or 76 cm at lenght, more than 60 species, inhabitates in United States and Canada, they are scavengers and often visits human houses, they are immune to rabies, has partial or total immunity to some snakes.

** Raccoon

I'm happy - great photo!

so cute y'all.

smiling fox in winter coat

pit bull + flower... I don't care what people think of pitbulls. I love my baby. She's my best friend and my protector. Remember it's how you raise them not the breed.

Happy Easter :) #easter


Flower for a quokka. This makes me so happy! I would go to Australia just for this little guy

A rainforest dwelling pygmy possum.

Snack Time, YUMM!!

Pets with (dis)abilities series by Carli Davidson. "I wanted to create a project showcasing differently abled pets, telling their stories in order to show the world that they are happy, thriving companions. They are not sad, they are not in pain, and the owners and animals continue to be of great value to one another."

happy possum

Lookit that fat little face!