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A marsupial Australia Possum / This may be a young Brushtail Possum, but I can't tell without seeing his tail.

Perfeckly posed possum (with pretty flahr).I bet he just got a massage.

♥ Possum in a pumpkin! What a great little smile :))

Reminds me of Buddy. Buddy loved smelling flowers. He was a lady's man. :0)

Don't ask me why but I think opossums are one of the cutest animals ever!! Look at those lil toes and they smile! It's that animal I will swerve off road to miss lol!

Opossum - an awesome animal! North America's only marsupial (raises babies in a pouch like a kangaroo), has a prehensile tail (can grasp branches like a monkey), highly immune to disease, and has more teeth than any other land animal!

Honey Possum (Very tiny, and about half the size of a mouse!) here to find out more

golden 'possum cute but if it came at me like the ones out here i would hit it with my car

Do you think this dog is happy? Check out this video of my dog!!!!