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    • Houston Foodlovers

      The Possums moved into my back yard this spring. They had dozens of babies, ate my flower bulbs, chewed up my central A/C, and pulled the siding off the walls for their nests. Now they openly mock me. They think they're so funny. One of these days, you little bastards, one of these days... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

    • LAPoppy

      "Flower for you. Opossum" said another pinner. I had a family of these in my back yard. Little furry babies on Mama's back.

    • Alicia Strickland Jaeckel

      Flower for you. Opossum ... The South's nighttime marauder

    • Shaina Tempest

      "A flower for you~" - Your friendly neighborhood possum

    • Lauren Schores

      Animal Love: Opossum Mount by Meddling-With-Nature.

    • Courtney Hendrick

      Flower for you, Opossum. THIS IS SUPER CUTE!

    • Dawn Ferris

      Flower for you. Opossum. I want one so bad.

    • Sloan Nota

      Cute opossum taxidermy holding flower

    • Angela Eidenmiller

      A flower from a friend

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