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"Once we obtain peace, we must hold on to it firmly, yet always treat it with the gentle, loving, nurturing respect that it deserves -- or else it may slip away from us. Peace is indeed a prized and precious comodity and we must treat it as such so as to keep it". ~Skye (Pau Retinguda, via Flickr).


life in the countryside: what it's really like moving from the city

Little yorkshire villages by me and orla

"Faith is a deliberate confidence in the character of God, His way though I do not understand at this time." Oswald Chambers

I'm Debbie and... I'm beginning to see the light. I'm a believer. I'm alive. I'm into something good. I'm leaving on a jet plane. I'm every woman. I'm not afraid of anything. I'm on to you. I'm only...