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Crochet a Zoo! - Guest Post by Megan Kreiner | Jaybird Quilts

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Panda: Crochet a zoo pattern by Megan Kreiner

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Penguins: Crochet a zoo pattern by Megan Kreiner

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Primates: Crochet a zoo pattern by Megan Kreiner

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"Rhinoceros" by Megan Kreiner

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Giraffe crochet pattern from the book "Crochet a Zoo"

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Baby Blanket, Modern Baby Quilt - Green Giraffe

Giraffe Craft

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Modern Baby Quilt Boy

Blanket Modern

Boy Colors



Baby Blanket, Modern Baby Quilt - Green Giraffe via Etsy

Tetris Granny

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Tetris Psychedelia

Psychedelia Flickr

tetris and homeade quilts. i want it.

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Herringbone Quilt Pattern_simple peach and turquoise alternating design, cream accents and back?

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fox quilt

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Elephant blanket (Cute baby quilt and you could use any color combo and animal or butterfly & flowers.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Jelly Roll Quilt- Download Pattern

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The easiest quilt you will ever make!

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elephant baby quilts | Elephant Baby Crib Quilt and Pillow in Orange and Gray.....Ready to ...

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DIY Melange Rug DIY Melange Rug by diyforever

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Giraffes Quilt 2 by frivolous necessity [pattern available here:]

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Elephants (in DK, Worsted, and Chunky Yarns) from the book "Crochet A Zoo"

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Starfish pattern by Megan Kreiner

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Ravelry: Dolphin pattern by Megan Kreiner

Manatee Crochet Pattern

Mammal Crochet

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Jehan Loves

Water Mammal


Manatee by Megan Kreiner

Wired Heart

Hemp Heart

Twine Heart

Woven Heart

Knitted Heart

Hessian Heart

Heart Rustic

String Heart

Crocheted Twine