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Male Mandrill Baboon-One of 5 types. These baboons are equally bright and colorful at the opposite end.

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From Albert Einstein to Mark Twain, many famous thinkers have supported the cause of animal rights and animal welfare.

Honey Badger – Pound for the pound the honey badger is the most powerful…

Honey Badger – Pound for the pound, the most powerful predator in the Serengeti.

Wildlife Photography is a form of photography wherein the behavioral and instinctive characteristics of all types of wildlife (fish, birds, mammals) are being captured.

The Caracal male baby (Caracal caracal or Felis caracal, Karakal, Status: Least concern) from ZOO Prague, the Czech Republic. This cute kitty was born o. In grass I'm safe


Food is culture. Methods for growing storing distributing choosing

Los úrsidos (Ursidae) popularmente conocidos como osos, pertenecen a la familia de mamíferos carnívoros. Se localizan en América del Norte, América del Sur, Europa y Asia.

Animal Spirit Guide - The Bear I have 3 animal spirit guides, the Bear, the wolf and the lion.

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