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Cursos presenciales y virtuales de Bordado con Aguja Magica Rusa, Telar, Crochet, Horquilla, Freeform, Fieltro y mas

No hay necesidad de tener un telar, con tablas y clavos, se puede Amar el que quieras!!!

20120229121022_cXwsM spotted on Kireei

vintage fibre art. Why is this stuff so hard to find in Australia!? I think all the old hippies must be hoarding it.

  • Penelope Neil

    Well it's hard to understand someone when they don't make sense. Of course not everyone has the same taste, that's obvious. GENERALLY speaking though, hippies often like things other hippies like, and hippies often like macrame. The feeling I'm getting here is that you like this but you don't like the idea that it could be 'a hippy-like product' - especially since you're still riled up about a conversation that's nearly 5 months old...

  • Nim Davis

    I'm not riled up, but I get how you would't get that because text can not express tone of voice. I'm actually not a fan of this either. I dislike the color yellow in many products and white does not tend to look good as long as other colors may. And It is not that I don't make sense, but that you don't understand what I am saying. That is not my fault. I am not angry, or all hyped up about this.

  • Nim Davis

    I am simply sharing my opinion, and here you are trying to tell me an opinion is wrong. It's just silly. And items typically associated with hippies are tie-dye shirts, dreads and what not. I'm talking about from an outside perspective as well, not from one of someone who really understands them. You may want to open up to other peoples view points. It really helps in life. No need to be arguing with some young persons opinion.

  • Penelope Neil

    Text can express tone of voice, especially when caps lock and exclamation points are employed. Opinions are just that - ideas based on experience rather than evidence or truth. I have one, you have one, others have one- they might not match, and that is exactly how arguments are born.

  • Penelope Neil

    Additionally, I can't see how you can accuse me of being argumentative or being closed to other's viewpoints; you're being just as disagreeable and you started this whole thing by not being open to my viewpoint. I'm open to yours. It's just wrong.

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Using a handmade frame loom and wooden comb, these designers of New Friends design studio, craft weavings, textiles! Great idea to make your own frame loom and experiment with yarn, fabrics etc!

Marianne Werkmeister Textile Art - this kind of art is my favorite for summer doings - somewhere outside - using brocken branches and long grass - listen to the birds and the bees!