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Ambalakavadi Performers on Road, Muthuvara

Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™ 2017

Kathakali performers in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India. © Dariusz Klemens

Private Day Trip: Experience Theyyam Ritual from Kannur Join this exciting once-a-life-time experience of the colorful Theyyam ritual in Kannur! Theyyam is one of the most spectacular ritual art forms of Northern Kerala including the legends and stories of the many gods and celestial spirits and its performers are vigilant and committed to guard the purity of the art form and preserving its ritualistic heritage. There are more than 500 types of Theyyams performed in a year at ...

Colourful Puli Kali (Tiger Play) Performers in Thrissur, Kerala, India

Kummattikali is a dance of Kerala. During the festival of Onam, Kummattikali performers move from house to house. Original form of Kummattikali can be seen in the Bhadrakali temple in Palghat district. The costumes are an interesting facet of Kummattikali. The dancers don a heavily painted colourful wooden mask depicting faces of Krishna, Narada, Kiratha, Darika, or hunters. These masks are usually made out of saprophyte, jack fruit tree, Alstonia scholaris, Hog Plum tree or the Coral…

Performers wearing body-paint depicting tigers wait for the artwork to dry as they prepare to take part in the “Pulikali”, or Tiger Dance, in Thrissur on September 17, 2016. (Photo by Arun Sankar/AFP Photo) | #chukkuvellam #kerala

An Indian mythological art form of Kerala. Performers perform by expressions only. They used have heavy attire and make-ups.

Onam Pulikali - Performers painted as tigers take part in the “Pulikali”, or Tiger Dance, in Thrissur on September 17, 2016. The folk-art event is held every year in the town during the “Onam” festival. (Photo by Arun Sankar/AFP Photo) | #chukkuvellam #kerala