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Handsfree Leash... I wonder if I'd be allowed to run around Safa Park with Beesly? She might not "love" it, but it could be good! $30 @Jessie have you ever seen people around Safa running with dogs?

Water bottle belt.

Ugly geriatric sandals for backpacking/trekking. Ok, they're not that bad. $56

Ultralite backpacking towel. For backpacking. Simon Turner

Pink Otterbox!

@sheryn Babuka Whats wrong with these?

You would be forgiven for thinking this is a piece of commercial marketing to cash in on the name of BG. But this tool is actually doing quite well in the market and getting decent reviews. It includes a whistle, fire steel, sharpening stone and a small basic survival guide.

Converse Desert combat boots. Light and strong with composite toe protection.

Lightweight, breathable trousers for camping and general outdoors activity.

Otterbox for iPad. $90

So Beesly can help carry her stuff.

These help to keep me alive.

You know......for like, chopping and stuff.

This is a little bigger. more height and a "living" area. about 20 buck more in price. Although this one requires to use guide lines once pitched, which could be a pain in rocky areas, unless were able to use heavy rocks to tie to.

not too hard on the pocket. its for 4 people with storage, but its quite low, only a meter or so high


Bike skort. $60

The North Face convertible pants- lightweight, nylon abrasion-resistant, water-repellent... It even has loops on the belt to store the pant legs if you want to zip them off. $52

The North Face roll-up pants... $55

Convertible hiking pants/shorts... $75

Totes rad bandana/scarf/headband/art... $20