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This is the best review of Titanic, ever: "It is sooooo ballsy to just assume people will watch your movie for three hours and 14 minutes! Especially when everyone already knows exactly what happens in the end (spoiler: the boat is Keyser Söze)." Thank you Jezebel!

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The 27 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Of The Year

The 27 most perfectly timed photos


This Disclaimer On A Container Of Cotton Candy



Junior ranger doing it right…

Awesome :)

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Long time ago....

Batman and 10 things I hate about you. Ironically 10 things was Heath ledgers first American movie and dark knight was the last film he completely finished.

Flawless Movie Logic

Flawless Movie Logic

Flawless Movie Logic - my dad was on a kick and watched water world like 3 time in a week cause it was constantly on. I haven't seen the whole thing but each time it was on I would watch it with him for a while. I remembered when it was stated that paper was extremely valuable....then I saw a guy smoking a cigarette. I turned to my dad and said the exact same thing.