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Paying with smartphones instead of cash or cards is something we could see happening in the 2020's. So instead we would swipe our smartphones instead of handing over cash. More than 2 thirds of technology insiders see this happening. The only thing holding it back is people's privacy.

In order to have ease in payments processing, you can go to get the Virtual credit card processing solution. It paves utmost ease in processing of payments with help of card payment terminals.

Revista bandolera / caucho reciclado por cleverhands en Etsy, $17.95

Journal Bandolier // reclaimed rubber // (a better pencil case, journal pen holder, book strap, pen loop, pencil roll, pen bandolier)

Revista bandolera / caucho reciclado por cleverhands en Etsy, $17.95

charge case.  this could have saved me from a lot of mishaps in the past....

iphone case with charger. Saw one of these tonight at Outback. Your phone charges and then you can flip a switch and the case recharges it!

3 different iPad cases

I love my iPad AND I love Moleskin notebooks -- this puts the two together: A Moleskin iPad holder

Spotted this 14-Hour iPad 2 Battery Case on Rue La La. Shop (quickly!).

Sharper Image iPad Battery Case - adds an extra hours of battery power.

NeatDesk is a powerful ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanner and organizer that transforms the piles of paper in your home or office into neat digital files on your computer! NeatDesk includes our patented NeatWorks software to identify and extract key information from receipts, business cards and documents - then organizes it in a digital filing cabinet. All scanned documents can be searched by keyword, so you can find exactly what you need in seconds. It's like having your own personal…

Scan up to 50 double-sided pages at once! This high-speed scanner and digital organizer is the ultimate tool to help control the "paper monster".

now this is cool... Completely wireless bamboo iPhone speaker (avail. in recycled plastic as well!)

iBamboo iPhone speaker, no electricity needed ! iBamboo iPhone speaker, no electricity needed !

LOOP Nano Blue

Loop Attachment Watch Band for the iPod Nano & Red