How would you like a slide inside?

House slide. SO many rich people spend their money wrong. As in - NOT spending it on spmething like this!

Looks like so much fun

Another slide in the house!

there can NEVER be too many slides in a home! LOVE this!

House Slide

Slide in the house? Yes please.

Water slide in the closet.

Built-in slip & slide! I WANT THIS!!!

Cardboard Slide - FUN!!

A slide into the basement playroom... Um, awesome.

Removable Indoor Slide | t transforms staircases into slides and folds up when not in use, making it quick and easy to build a fun indoor playground for kids.

Wooden Staircase Slide

Homes to Inspire | Inside Out

Paint the insides of drawers

Why take the stairs when you can slide. A fun alternative to the elevator down button in Munich.

A pop of color inside the cabinets.

Sliding barn doors

Love the sliding doors

counter inside pantry to store appliances... i think this is my favorite idea ever... i do not like things on my counter

sliding screen doors... Love them!!!