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E. T. Cat…

E. T. Cat...

A fat cat in a small cat bed....need i say more...Make's me think of O'Malley!!!@Jenny Newton

Guess who found your antidepressant pills? Take a guess… #Happy #Cat

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A Compendium Of Tard The Grumpy Cat

I may be lazy but I've accomplished more than you and I'll keep accomplishing more than you in a shorter time. Bank account is good, money is right, house is always clean, debt is paid off, school is done quicker than any other human I know. I don't depend financially on anyone and I help take care of three people physically who are sick, So call me lazy all u want I still got more than you and have accomplished three times most people my age. Boy bye!

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12 Extreme Animal Hairstyles

Cruel and unusual!


If I fits they said, then I sits they said…

Seriously just laughed out loud.


Thanks for your order

thanks for your order. Crazy cat lady starter kit. Funny cat. Funny animal.

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