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American Werewolf in London: Rick Baker operates the wolf for the Piccadilly Circus scene while being pushed by John Landis.

"Don't fire!" Nikki gasped holding the gun up in front of her. The air was poisoned with carbon dioxide. One spark and everything would go up in flames. "If one of you assholes get's me killed you're gonna get very friendly with me and my wrath in Hell."

"What's going on? Where are you taking me?" When no answer came after a minute, Ciana began fighting against their grip. "Tell me where the hell you're taking me!" When they didn't reply again, she was fairly sure that she wouldn't like the answer.

Maeve stared at the hole in the ground remembering that time Alannah had saved her life. Maeve had fallen into the river and hit her head, if not for her sister, she would've died. Alannah had the hunter in her, she just had worked to suppress it as much as she could.