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Healthy Food - Facts you Need to Know at Grocery Store. Tons of food today are marketed as healthy foods when they’re really just junk foods in disguise.

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Lives change like the weather. I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new. Click below to learn more about fitness healthy food weight loss and more!

I promise you don't have to eat less when clean eating, you just have to eat right! :-) #cleaneating #menu #recipes

7 Day Clean-Eating Menu - Jumpstart a Healthy Eating Plan

I promise you don't have to eat less when clean eating, you just have to eat right! :-) #cleaneating #menu #recipes

Whether you believe

Over 370 easy Paleo recipes divided into 18 food categories. Enough options to cover everything you will ever need to eat the healthiest and tastiest food.

Just keeping it simple with real food ✌️

We have a confession to make. We NEVER count how many calories we eat and we don't believe you need to in order to lose weight and be healthy. When your diet is full of whole, nutrition-packed foods, you don't have to worry. Quality over quantity!

Help cravings

Ever wondered why you are craving for a certain type of food? For example, sweets? Now here's how to handle your food cravings in a healthy way!

Words of Wisdom: Inspirational Quotes for Yoginis

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Raw Living Foods

Eat Life - Feel Life ^ It says it all. You will feel like crap if you eat crap. The reverse happens when you eat 'life' and You will feel like your and you will feel healthy.

Let's talk about poop.   We all do it.  Some of us don't do it right though.

Bacterial Infection Symptoms In Females

Does your poop stack up? If not, it could be causing you more serious problems. Your poop is a reflection of your overall health. You should take your poop seriously!