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This is so true!! Some one was talking to me about 3D and how it has changed and asked if I had seen  "the Avatar" in theaters then they continued to talk and I said "Wait. No I didn't see "The Avatar" I saw "The Last Air Bender" it really ruins my day

SO true for me! I think more of Aang and Korra from ATLA/The Legend Of Korra and I never remember the movie with the blue avatars.


sadly true for me. I hate romantic movies and could care less about that dude dying and yet this episode of Avatar:The Last Airbender did make me cry<<<hahahaha, so true

I know right. Okay first off in the movie all the people who were  white and like Zuko and Azula and Ozai are all tan while Katara and Sokka are white did the producer even watch one freaking episode!?

Mean Girls: An appropriate to quote every situation, this being Avatar: the Last Air Bender (the real movie didnt even compare to the show) <<the only thing I'll ever accept from Mean Girls

, the other one is ok I guess but the best in MY OPINION is  the last airbender or legend of kora

Please understand when I say Avatar im referring to the last air bender not that blue monkey movie. The blue people avatar was great. But The Last Airbender

Because Tony secretly wants to be a father-figure to Peter

Because Tony secretly wants to be a father-figure to Peter. And peter lost his only father figure