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Most people do not know that most of my family has Hebrew linage. I have more Israelite in me than anything else, although I do have Spanish, Irish, English, and Indian in me also. My family and I do believe in Jesus Christ, not Judaism. Whenever I tell someone about my Jewish descendants, they instantly assume I mean that I believe in Judaism, which annoys me to no end. So, I stopped sharing that information with people.

"In The Arms of His Love" - Greg Olson . . . I LOVE this one, it is one of the very few depictions of Christ smiling, actually on the verge of laughter.

The One Who suffered for me... The One Who saved me from my sins... <3

The Best Easter Dinner {with a Free Printable} {Start a Christian Tradition: Messianic Seder}

I don't keep the feasts (although I have thought about it some...I tend to fall more on the Christian liberty side of things, but I do like the symbolism of the feasts), but I did grow up with a Passover Potluck (not remotely close to a seder, but Passover is a legit holiday to me.)