Great little blog about how she got healthy. She has a ton of meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Not to mention a huge list of different types of salads!

Amazing weight loss journey with a downloadable meal plan and exercise routine on how she lost 70 lbs!!!

Before and After Weight Loss Success Story Photo ...Feel what it will be like to more than 38.5 lbs in 1 month... looking at your sexy, slim, happy new you in the mirror!

Body scan of 250 lb woman and 120 lb woman. If this isn't motivation to work out, I don't know what is! I'm NOT implying that a women needs to weigh 120 lbs...that's no where near realistic for some people...but it is about health and longevity and the damage obesity causes. Look at the size of the intestines and stomach; how the knee joints rub together; the enlarged heart; and the fat pockets near the brain. Not good.

Amazing transformation

This girl has awesome tips on eating clean and staying healthy. She has GREAT ideas for lunches to take to work and snacks that don't require a lot of time. Her site is amazing!

For being so young, she offers a lot of great advice. Lots of good recipes and information.

Its not too late! Hehehe

Very cool! Good info, just enter your height, current weight, age & fitness level & it gives you the exact amount of calories that you should eat daily along w/tips in order to drop 50 lbs in 5 months! Awesome!!

puts it into perspective

Tips On How To Meal Prep. Perfect for beginners so you do not get overwhelmed!

Before and After Weight Loss


19 DIY Home Remedies For Double Chin

Healthy Lunch Ideas. GREAT ideas for lunches to take to work and snacks that don't require a lot of time.