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    • Mrsdren Smith

      Life is Art. "I've pinned and re-pinned a lot of sayings and quotes, but THIS ONE really speaks to me because I know it is the honest truth. Amen. AH"

    • Karen Haynie

      You can live your life with great care - beautifully, thoughtfully, deliberately, artfully, with much love and grace, or you can choose not to pay much attention. It's all up to you. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

    • Lee Peacock

      Marina Verdi (@Marina_Neuro) | Twitter: #Art is in the way you live & breathe. I totally this statement too. #art is a lifestyle which is something we each share & have,but that nobody can copy down #truth #doodles #zentangles #quotes #livewithfire #storyofmylife

    • Dani Kepner

      Life is art - it's a style and reflection of you, life's artist. It's the emotions and memories and little things that make a unique person into a masterpiece. A living, loving, breathing, moving work of art.

    • PositiveWords

      #happythoughts Art Quotes Life Is Art Mactoons Inspirational Quotes Gallery #qoutes #inspirationalquotes #positivity #positivewords #inspirational

    • Danielle Kehoe

      life is art. I've believed and thought every sentence in this quote, these are my thoughts exactly.

    • Shannon Lindquist

      artist quotes and sayings | art, b vb, life, quote, quotes, quptes - inspiring picture on Favim ...

    • Haiku and KySSeS

      Modern Wisdom ... Quotes I Love ... Life is Art #Art #Quotes #Words #Sayings #Life #Inspiration

    • Sarah Brush

      This says a lot about the development of human society. The way that society used to be mainly the functionalist theory way of life, where things were a certain way and everyone did the same thing and thought the same thing and you didn't fix what wasn't broken, to now everything is your own choice. People are diverse and the way we live is diverse and all our own. It is all so exciting and the possibilities one has to be themselves and create their own world instead of following along with everyone else's truly is art.

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