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    Jolly Rancher "Moonshine" Ingredients: 2 bottles Original Old Smoky Moonshine (or 190 proof ever clear if you can't get the real stuff) 2 bags Jolly Ranchers (any flavor but has to be hard ones) Mason Jars- I tried to find cool bottles but no luck. Step 1: Separate the colors of Jolly Ranchers into the jars. I used 12 candies per jar but you can add more if you would like. Step 2: Fill each jar with Original Old Smoky Moonshine (or 190 proof ever clear if you can't get the real stuff). Step 3: Put on the lids and wait. It took about 2 days for the Jolly Ranchers to completely dissolve. I shook the jars everyday to keep the dream alive. Step 4: Enjoy but please be responsible and don't drink and drive.

    <p>If your looking to add some flavor to your moonshine then you’ll definitely want to try this Jolly Rancher moonshine recipe. It’s super easy to make and everyone I know love’s it. Time to make under 5 minuets. I’ve posted materials and step by step instructions below. Materials Needed 5 …</p>

    Divide up your Jolly Ranchers, and put 12 into mason jars (holds 8oz). Buy two bags of jolly ranchers to make two batches. The vodka will make the candy dissolve over night … but sometimes it takes a little more than 15 hours, and involves shaking the vodka often.

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    Jolly Rancher Vodka in "homemade" glass bottles. JR Vodka: 15-20pcs Jolly Ranchers in each bottle, fill with Vodka. "Homemade" Bottles: Purchased these bottles from Cost Plus & used Black Puff Paint to design the label. I wanted it look like a moonshine label, with inspiration from Jack Daniels. Add personal touches for the occassion you're celebrating. You can drink it as a shot (suggest 3/4 vodka, 1/4 sprite) or as a mixed drink over ice. My Best friend LOVED them! @Stéphane Rasselet

    Cherry Pie Moonshine is an easy to make, delicious drink that is perfect for a gift! Great for Christmas, Valentines or anytime!

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    Any recipe that begins with one 750ml bottle of 190 proof Everclear and two cups of Captain Morgan MUST be good!

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    A delicious and easy recipe to make Peach Pie Moonshine. It tastes just like peach pie or cobbler!

    Tiffany Punch - Just 2 Ingredients and tastes like a jolly rancher! Mix one part blue Hawaiian Punch and one part country time yellow lemonade. That's it!

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    Jolly Rancher Vodkas. Using mini, clear, twist-top wine bottles (Gallo Family bottles have a mouth that fits JRs), you create a delicious drink set. Served best on ice with club soda :)

    Homemade Blackberry Moonshine Recipe   No need to worry about blowing up your moonshine still!  Anyone can make this homemade blackberry moonshine recipe with just a few simple ingredients and patience. Phase 1 (3 weeks) Ingredients: 1 Liter 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear).  You can find it at liquor stores. 3 6 0z. containers of …