Jolly Rancher "Moonshine" Ingredients: 2 bottles Original Old Smoky Moonshine (or 190 proof ever clear if you can't get the real stuff) 2 bags Jolly Ranchers (any flavor but has to be hard ones) Mason Jars- I tried to find cool bottles but no luck. Step 1: Separate the colors of Jolly Ranchers into the jars. I used 12 candies per jar but you can add more if you would like. Step 2: Fill each jar with Original Old Smoky Moonshine (or 190 proof ever clear if you can't get the real stuff)....

<p>If your looking to add some flavor to your moonshine then you’ll definitely want to try this Jolly Rancher moonshine recipe. It’s super easy to make and everyone I know love’s it. Time to make under 5 minuets. I’ve posted materials and step by step instructions below. Materials Needed 5 …</p>

Make this classic cocktail with moonshine instead of vodka. You're going to love it!

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Jolly Rancher Vodka in "homemade" glass bottles. JR Vodka: 15-20pcs Jolly Ranchers in each bottle, fill with Vodka. "Homemade" Bottles: Purchased these bottles from Cost Plus used Black Puff Paint to design the label. I wanted it look like a moonshine label, with inspiration from Jack Daniels. Add personal touches for the occassion you're celebrating. You can drink it as a shot (suggest 3/4 vodka, 1/4 sprite) or as a mixed drink over ice. My Best friend LOVED them! @Stéphane Ras...

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