Jolly Rancher "Moonshine" Ingredients: 2 bottles Original Old Smoky Moonshine (or 190 proof ever clear if you can't get the real stuff) 2 bags Jolly Ranchers (any flavor but has to be hard ones) Mason Jars- I tried to find cool bottles but no luck. Step 1: Separate the colors of Jolly Ranchers into the jars. I used 12 candies per jar but you can add more if you would like. Step 2: Fill each jar with Original Old Smoky Moonshine (or 190 proof ever clear if you can't get the real stuff)....

jolly rancher martini: 1 oz melon liqueur, 2 oz vodka, 3 oz cranberry juice

Canning Jar Storage Box, Quart

Make this classic cocktail with moonshine instead of vodka. You're going to love it!

Toby Keith's swamp water preferably served in a mason jar or a red solo cup!

How to Make Watermelon Moonshine (Step By Step With Pictures) --Posted May 19 2014

Ingredients 2 qts – Lemon Juice 3 qts – Water 4 cups - Sugar 2 x 750 ml Bottle – Everclear (190 proof) Directions Combine juice, sugar, and water Bring to boil Once boiling and sugar dissolves, remove from heat Cool for five minutes Stir in Everclear Fill Mason jars to base of neck Age it in a cool, dark cabinet for 3 months

Jolly Rancher: Apple Pucker, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice

Malibu Bay Breeze (1 1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum 2 oz cranberry juice 2 oz pineapple juice)

Sugared Up Cocktail Ingredients & Measurements: Vodka Koolaid Packets (Your Choice Of Flavors) Water Sugar Blender Candy Mason Jars

The Best Homemade Moonshine Recipe Part 2: Blueberry Pie

Jolly Rancher Vodkas. Using mini, clear, twist-top wine bottles (Gallo Family bottles have a mouth that fits JRs), you create a delicious drink set. Served best on ice with club soda :)

Just in case you were wondering!! Grandma's Apple Pie 'Ala Mode' Moonshine: 1/2 gallon apple juice; 1/2 gallon apple cider; 4 cinnamon sticks; 1 whole clove; 1 cup white sugar; 1 cup brown sugar; 3 cups 190 proof grain alcohol (such as Everclear®); 2 cups vanilla vodka. Holy shit!!!

Pumpkin Pie Moonshine Recipe-Thanksgiving will be interesting this year since I'll be 21

Much more clever than the Skittles vodka... Jolly Ranchers completely dissolve and don't need to be strained out!

moonshine-web Homemade Blackberry Moonshine Recipe | Trop Rock Music, Parrot Heads, Beach Travel | Trop Rockin Magazine

how to make moonshine

Drunken Gummies & Jolly Rancher flavored vodka

Any recipe that begins with one 750ml bottle of 190 proof Everclear and two cups of Captain Morgan MUST be good!

Jolly Rancher Vodka Tutorial(Great idea for shots) Way easier than the Skittle tutorial!