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Peppermint Seeds is a cooling pungent herb that will curtail hunger for those with voracious appetite

Mountain Rose Herbs: Lavender Seeds; Transplant to pots or out to the garden after the slow-growing seedlings produce 4 or 5 leaves. Lavender prefers a moderate supply of nutrients, lime and a well-drained soil. Drought tolerant. We offer only heirloom, open-pollinated varieties that produce the highest quality of essential oils. Lavandula Augustifolia

Mountain Rose Herbs: Dandelion Herbaceous perennial. Native to and distributed throughout all temperate zones. Sow seed in flats in the spring, and transplant to rows in the garden. Space plants 1 foot apart, and keep well watered. Dandelion is a gentle liver tonic and diuretic.

cedar leaning planters! i'd love 1 (or 3!) to grow a garden of herbs on our lanai. with a bad back, it'd be easier to garden w/o bending. Handmade by my bff's (@Cyndy Andrews Ristucci husband! $39

And... i wanna do this.... and this.. and this... spiral herb garden. I could TOTALLY do this!

Comfrey Seeds Herbaceous perennial native to Europe. True comfrey is the original medicinal herb as detailed in all the ancient literature. Comfrey prefers full to partial sun with rich, moist, well-drained soil. Sandy soil is fine as long as the plants are watered consistently during the growing season. 10 seeds/pkt $3.25

something magical happens when I first see the cat that lives at the nursery.

Mountain Rose Herbs: Plantain Herbaceous perennial. Press into surface of soil and keep moist. Prefers cool soils for germ. Plants prefer sun or shade with moist soil; feeding water and compost will help the plaint to attain impressive size. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Particularly useful as a first-aid poultice and for dental infections.

Mountain Rose Herbs: Self Heal (Prunella) Creeping herbaceous perennial. Sow seed in very early spring in a flat outdoors or give a short, cold and moist conditioning treatment before sowing in a warm place. The dried flowers make a pain-relieving, astringent tea to treat canker sores.

I need this in my life. Mountain Rose Herbs: Lifeline Medicinal Seeds Kit