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Feel and think better .. about pet services! The Lucy Pet Foundation team does that --A worthy program for just 25 cents a day reduces pet overpopulation & saves homeless animals from being euthanized!

Participant Media in the Beverly Hills hood a few blocks from me - its Founder Jeff Skoll is smart, amazing, compassionate, forward thinking helping many people to feel and think better with his projects and Skoll foundation - changing and healing the world one project at a time!

Pat Benatar And Neil Giraldo: Star-Crossed Lovers, Partners For More Than 30 Years

Feel and think better ... about longevity! Longevity is not as common amongst married couples in "Camp Hollywood" as I call it. Pat Benatar sings "Love is A Battlefield", and her long marriage has sustained within that battlefield! Many components of good long relationships are FREE (the good "F" word) and that saves a lot of money!

Feel and think better ... about 105! Amazing Edythe Kirchmaier is 105 and lives on the California coast! Laughter and positive thinking for her = good medicine and they are FREE (the good "F" word)!


The Best Contouring Makeup for a Natural Look

How does Bob train Oprah

Doris Day - Hollywood icon - and gives back, she adopts stray animals and supports AIDS efforts too. She's now divine at 89, evolved as my mommy is too - Viva La Seniors!

Feel and think better ... about support! I thank the Beverly Hills Chamber of commerce for this spotlight article on my debut eBook on cost savings and inspiration "Life On A Shoestring .. In Beverly Hills?" that is helping people to feel and think better! Let go of the down and embrace the up, of people that support you in life!