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tight rolled jeans, continued into the early 90s... i can see these are 501*s (buttons) I had straight leg Levi*s always...and they were faded naturally from washing and wearing forever every day....i loved those days....knees started fraying also...i loved the 19th /20th century...will 21st have a history like this.?? time will tell

always cuffed my jeans....and wore slouchy socks and bass loafers with the laces corkscrewed at the end. Pair that with a hypercolor t shirt and a swatch watch, and you are fly!

Having your foot propped up on the school desk and trying to get that perfect tight roll! Lol

Tight rolled pants - there was no other way to wear your jeans. Kinda hope this never comes back into style

Rolling down the hill - best fun ever This is so true and we never got hurt or broke out necks, but I bet most kids today have never enjoyed this simple pleasure. Too bad as adults we can't just go out on break at work and roll down the nearest grassy hill!!! :-)you have to yell AS YOU WISH

Jordache jeans from the 80's. We all had to have these and we tight rolled them at the bottom!

The ever so popular Eastlands..with tight rolled jeans of course ;) --I thought I was so cool when I finally got a pair of these as a kid, lol!

Slouch socks were not just tube socks pushed down. Ohhhh nooooo. They were made special so that their slouchie perfection might show up your tight-rolled high waisted jeans and Keds (or Reebok high tops).

Slouch socks. They looked great with my rolled jeans, of course.