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Sister Callista Roy - Adaptation Model of Nursing

IV Fluids and Solutions Quick Reference Guide for Nurses and medical professionals! Free download at: IV Fluids know the IV Kamp NCLEX Student Nurse Nursing Clinical KAMP IV Fluids, Isotonic, Hypertonic, Hypotonic Intravenous Fluids for NC

Chronic Bronchitis-inflammation of bronchi, productive cough, excessive mucus; complications: frequent respiratory infections, respiratory failure; manifestations: hypoventilation, hypoxemia, cyanosis, hypercapnia, polycythemia, clubbing of fingers, dyspnea at rest, wheezing, edema, weight gain, malaise, chest pain, fever; dx: history, PE, xray, pulmonary tests, ABG, CBC; treat: o2 therapy, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, antibiotics, postural drainage, chest physiotherapy, increase fluids