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Bartering....sounds like something they did just back in the day. But I think that bartering(haggling, trading, whatever you call it!) can be extremely beneficial to your budget in this day and age. I personally love to trade! I do it in many different areas of my life in many different ways. I like to use […]

Bartering To Stretch Your Dollars Even Further

What is barter and how can small business use it? http://www.srsvirtualassistant.com/what-is-barter-and-how-can-small-business-use-it/

Trading is such an amazing thing. Instead of exchanging money (which sometimes we don’t have right?) we trade services. This way we don’t have to claim the income and everyone wins, right? According to the IRS trading services IS…Read more ›

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Social Studies: Economics Bartering and Exchanging Money Test

The Art of Bartering

Bartering and trading goods or services ~ the time has come, folks! In these tough times let's work with another currency.

Oscar Mayer Bacon were masterful in creating fun, engaging content centered on their brand and product.  Here's a Facebook post that gets attention...yes?

Oscar Meyer campaign sends man on cross-country trip, bartering all expenses for payments made in bacon.

Bartering, For many a Lost Art

Learn why you need to get out and practice bartering. It is a skill that will be very useful after an economic collapse or other major disaster.

Your Biggest Money Problems, Solved!  Managing your finances becomes tricky when you add a kid or two (or three) to the mix. After all, you can stretch your dollars only so far, making it even harder to get out of credit card debt, buy that first home, or survive on one income. Don't despair! These tips from real families and financial experts will help you over those financial hurdles.

Your Biggest Money Problems, Solved

Family finances can be tricky, but don't despair. Here, expert tips on getting out of credit card debt, living on one income, and buying a first home.

When we had to tighten our budget, we agreed to give up certain things that although were very nice, were not a necessity

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Priceless Bartering Chips | Items to stockpile now that will be priceless later #survivalife www.survivallife.com

Bartering Chips

Priceless Bartering Chips: Part 1 (they may also be the first things that will get you killed or arrested?

Great blog on biking with babies/kids. Tons of info/ideas.

Totcycle - Family Biking - All About Front Child Bike Seats

How to Barter via wikiHow.com


How to Barter. Bartering is a way to trade goods and services directly, without any kind of currency. People have been bartering for centuries, but the Internet has opened up a whole new world of bartering possibilities.

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John Snow investigated and discovered the true cause of cholera deaths in London, England in 1854

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Let It Shine: Yard Sale: Tips to Have the Best Yard Sale Ever! - Part 3 of 3

Yard Sale: Tips to Have the Best Yard Sale Ever! - Part 3 of 3

Let It Shine: Yard Sale: Tips to Have the Best Yard Sale Ever!

Bartering can be a really bad practice for entrepreneurs.

Let me tell you why I only recommend bartering for entrepreneurs under the most rare circumstances.