Yard art made with an ironing board and other random objects. by lindsay

Ironing Board Lady by Jim Shore. Yard art made with an ironing board and other random objects.


Whimsy Garden Birdfeeder by FrillingGifts on Etsy . I looked up her shop but she didn't have anything listed.

Cycling pots - looks like Miss Gulch in the Wizard of Oz.  ;-)  via Anonymous Art of Revolution

Spring garden ideas- biking pot man If that bike at the yard sale don't sell. Have fun with a can of spray paint and old flower pots.

Whimsical bovines add a fun touch anywhere in the landscape. Both adult and calf make for unusual garden accents with bobble heads and huge grins, ideal for greeting guests on front walk or porch, per

Recycled Metal Spotted Cows

Expressive Spotted Cows are handcrafted in Mexico, unusual pieces done in recycled metal. Small or large bovine garden art makes for whimsical outdoor decor  Bottle trees are a long-standing Southern thing, embedded in the life tapestries of African Americans, especially in the Mississippi Delta. Traditionally, live or dead crape myrtle and cedar trees were decorated with bottles – often blue Milk of Magnesia ones – intended to trap evil spirits and prevent them from entering the house.

A Bottle Tree For My Garden "Reuse of Junk" How To Make A Bottle Tree Creations.

According to legend, evil spirits cannot resist crawling into the colored glass of the Bottle Tree. Once inside the bottles, they become trapped and are destroyed by the morning sun. The Bottle Tree is one of the oldest traditions in the South.

Angel yard art

How to make an adorable garden angel from an old shutter. Myra saw an idea for a shutter angel online and decided to give it her own spin.


I honestly didn’t know where to put this but it is an amazing piece that looks to be made from repurposed items…

Ironing Board Lady  (I.B. Bonnie) | by JimShoresArt

No permission given to re-post this photo on any other website Made from an ironing board and other found objects.

"Lamp Base Bird Baths"  [photo source Rose of confessionsofacurbshopaholic]'h4d'121228

find a beautiful lamp to put outside - Lamp base made into bird bath - I love to use repurposed items for unique birdbath see my cottage sale for great finds for bird baths.

Metal Garden Sculpture - hmmm flowers all year round - metal OHS? high enough or too high

We went to the Port Clinton Art Festival in Highland Park last year. Since I’m such a native prairie freak*lover*admirer *younameit I fell in love with this Purple Coneflower metal sculpture.