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Daily Funny Pictures - 16 Pics

As big as a small elephant, Big Cow Chilli and he's described as a gentle giant. Chilli the giant bullock stands at and weighs well over a ton. Despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional sweet treat.

Hercules-Largest living cat. He is a male, adult Liger (tiger/lion hybrid) @ Myrtle Beach Animal Safari Park.

Meet Hercules, the largest living cat - A star of the GWR 2014 book, mighty Hercules is an adult male liger (lion/tigress hybrid) from Myrtle Beach Safari

World's biggest dog - Make Money Sharing Your Favorite Videos http://vitalviralpro.com/mr/3576

Me: Do you run with you dog? That lady: Its the perfect pet for me! A dog that I can ride!

♡ Cow

♡ Cow


A Prim'Holstein calf licks a kitten's ear in a stable in Erbree, western France. Photo by jean-francois monier

Cow Calving; How to Know when a Cow will Calve

How to Know when a Cow will Calve; starting a cow calve operation this year! Good to teach the young future ranchers!

Since going vegan I feel like my eyes have been opened to the innocence and value of these beautiful creatures.  When you’re not putting anxiety, pain and death into your body through the food you’re eating, you’re genuinely more able to see the very real value of every single life. I just can’t understand why you would decide to continue to cause a living hell for these creatures when you could stop the cruelty all together at a relatively tiny sacrifice to yourself. #getswitchedo...

FUN FACT Cows are very social animals, and they naturally form large herds. And like people they will make friends and bond to some herd members, while avoiding others. Very intelligent and kind creatures I LOVE COWS

never thought I could fall in love with these guys! Brandon has 3 bottle feeders & they are adorable!!

i think this looks like a sad cow calf. i would give so much love and care to my baby cow, you have no idea. i would raise the most cutest, sweetest domestic cows evarrr. never would they grow out of their baby stage. MY cows will be happy cows :)

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