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    • eva Meeks

      So many people have pinned this and the thing that I notice thats more funny than the caption, it that the animal would rather have the predator have her baby than herself. Basically shes sacrificing her own baby... Just let that sink in- Tara Fenelon

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    • Darcy Taylor

      Mother and her baby otter :) I love this its like 'do you see my baby she so cute look at her !!! I love my baby'

    • Paula Good

      why are baby otters so cute, well not just babies...otters in general! I love them if no one noticed.

    • Angela Thomas

      That little baby otter is so cute. Please check out my website thanks.

    • April French

      Funny Animal Photos: Cute Baby Otter ( she says want one plse.)

    • Ginger Westfall

      My personality is OTTER:) A mother and baby otter. so cute!

    • Veriee Hoover

      Funny Animal Photos: Cute Baby Otter

    • Alexandra Rudder

      A mother and baby otter. so cute!

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    help save the elephants so this little one gets to stay with his/her mom. She's vulnerable to poachers.

    boo! even though it's just a pomeranian shaved differently, it is one of the cutest dogs out there!

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    When baby hedgehog is born, his spines are covered by a layer of skin, and are still very flexible, so they won't hurt the mother. These spines, contrary to popular belief, are not poisonous, and they are like fell, but are very hardened with keratin.

    small panda knows the answer

    sleeping baby otters

    Baby Hamster, as cute as this little guy is, probably would be rejected by mom after being held by a human hand. DON'T do it!


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