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WOW...Interesting my vet just gave me a recommendation benadryl and the amount was what is stated on this list. Will use this for a helpful list of human medications that are safe for your dog. While these medications are veterinarian-approved, it is always best to double-check with your vet, especially if your dog has any specific medical needs.

Human medications that should never be given to dogs. Ingestion can cause tremors, seizures, liver damage, kidney damage or death in dogs via

Human medications and dosage amount considered safe to give ailing dogs. Always consult with your Vet prior to giving dog any medication via

Human medications approved for dogs here to find out more

Keep Your Dog Safe At Your Cookout from

Keep Your Dog Safe With This DIY Car Hammock >> blog.diynetwork.c...

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So this is the reason every single time my dog is happy to see me come home... okthanksbye

A good trick ... if you like having your Border Collie balance on your head #dogs Via:

Here is a list of human foods that ARE safe for dogs to eat. photo by TheGiantVermin on Flickr

  • Chastity Polefko

    Omg!! U do NOT wanna know what I thought those were!!

  • Amber Lathrop

    no dog should eat human food even if you say they can they need to eat DOG food if you love your dog you need to feed them what they are supposed to eat not what you think they want eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you want then to live longer and get a good report from the vet you feed them dog food

  • Amber Lathrop

    sorry if you don't agree with me but its true

I like to be near my human

  • Robin Barnes

    I know!!!! I've seen that one on here and just imagine!!! Ready for the "boom!"?

How To Walk Your Dog Safely | Tips from On Sutton Place

  • MJ Weston

    Totally Agree!!!! PLS try a 6 foot length leash!!! You and your dog will appreciate the chances of your pet running into

  • Molly Dare

    Dont agree! I love my retractable! You just have to have a careful hand!

I actually just read this to my 6 year old Tibetan Terrier Lacey we got from Nikkie at Ri Lee Kennels after losing 2 dogs in 3 months...see more of her Tibetans on her website....

  • Ann Grimmell

    We had a dog for 10 years who we lost a few years ago.That article actually brought tears to my eyes .So true.