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Baseball Cap heel by Kobi Levi. This design focuses on one iconic accessory used by both baseball players and fans: the cap. The design combines the key graphic elements, w.

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The Israeli designer Kobi Levi, creates footwear that appears to be unique works of art, and is anything but a foot-shaped :-)


Kobi Levi mother and daughter - slightly freaky, but love the imagination.

Truly weird shoes for completely surprising weddings. It's a fairytale for your feet!

Truly weird shoes for completely surprising weddings

When in Gnome Heel. Go with the garden-party flow and surprise guests by introducing the fella who lives under the bridge of your foot and supports the beige velvet vamps of these heels a design from the glam, exclusive Gold Label of Irregular Choice!

İlginç Ayakkabılar #alexandermcqueenshoes

İlginç Ayakkabılar #alexandermcqueenshoes

ditto, Lady Gaga.  Kobe-Levi footwear.

Creative High Heel Designs by Kobi Levi - Chewing Gum (lady Gaga)