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The secret of how Chinese soldiers stand so straight. // จริงหรือนี่ ??


Secret hiding spot

for my dentist! :D

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese.... Hilarious. @Jessica Liening

In my bed with my computer. ... like I am right now!!! And every morning!!!

Morning truths. SO true for me - esp. the one about ruining the next day by being too excited to go to sleep


You have met your match Overly Attached Girlfriend.

Like MacGyver..

ha ha ha

Popular Spanish TV Shows | best friends quotes tv series image search results

Beauty ideal of society.

bullet control

I died laughing at this!!! One of the best episodes of the big bang theory EVER!

Oh wait!

Caution: Escalator acting as stairs. Lol stupid people

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And God said, “Let there be Wi-Fi,” and there was Wi-Fi

I can imagine this look on Emily's face just as it is on this sweet little girl's! Chuck E. Cheese. How Cute!

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