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Amazing Tree houses ----- this is so freekin cool! I would love to have one of these in my back yard :)

Ever want to live in a tree? Ever have a tree house? I wouldn't mind living in one of these. A tree house design can be found in Kam.

Quem nunca sonhou com uma casa na árvore?!

Heidi’s Treehouse Chalet, Poulsbo, Wash. Nelson describes this treehouse as a "chalet-style fairy-tale aerie." The owner especially loves that a ramp, rather than the traditional ladder or stairs, lead to the house. I want to live here

Para vivir contigo.....

A cabin literally in the woods, this treehouse has a porch built into the trees

New Guinea - "Las casas de Kombai y Korowai de la gente de Irian Jaya se construyen tan alto como 150 pies para ver los pájaros y las montañas y detener a los hechiceros de trepar las escaleras."

The Korowai Tribe's Incredible Tree Houses. Daily Mail, Feb 2015 - The mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea, live in incredible treehouses above the canopy.

Casas en arboles! asombrosas :D - Taringa!

Casas en arboles! asombrosas :D

Located in Portland, Oregon, the beautiful Wilkinson residence brings out all the feelings of living in a tree house. Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this extraordinary house blends in perfectly with the natural landscape.

la casa del hobbit

Thailand is now on my bucketlist cause i wanna stay in one of these things! The Den Sleep-Over Pod, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand (by wandermelon).

de cuentos de hadas

Gnomes or a Handsome Hunter? A Refugee Hiding, or the King of the Forest? The Forest House

quiero uno asii!!

Tree houses; no more a child's dream

Everyone and I guess every one, as a kid dreams about owning a tree house in the garden and I am no exception to that. But the sphere of the tree houses have grown larger and they are no more confined to the dreams of children. They are not just for kids