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Manix SKYN Large Vegan Condoms 10pcs Thin lubricated condom made of a new elastic material: Sensoprene (polysoprene) is synthetic rubber and contains no natural latex-protein which makes it the perfect condom to latex sensitive or allergic persons. It's odour-less, skin-toned and lubricant coated.

Read more: SKYN Condoms Skynfeel™ Apparel Skyn condom is extending his target group. The same material from which their condoms are manufactured is now being used to produce suits for athletes. Very spacy indeed ... Tags: Sid Lee, Amsterdam,Este Du Plessis,Sebastian Vizor,Czar, Amsterdam,Jona Honer,Darren Cronje,SKYN Condoms

Lifestyles Skyn condoms are a new alternative to latex condoms without sacrificing body heat and closeness.

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