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Una hiena feliz de ser abrazada y otros datos curiosos de las hienas(Fotos) | Curiosidades

The hyena men of Harare, Ethiopia

Harar (Ethiopia). 'By far the most intriguing city in Ethiopia, Harar is a joy to explore. Getting lost in its crooked alleyways is just as fascinating as visiting the many museums, markets and traditional homes packed inside the old city walls. And then there are the hyenas. Two families feed them by hand, and let you do it too.' www.lonelyplanet....

~~Tersa Sphinx Moth Caterpillar by MattSullivan ~ this image is amazing!~~

I know where Disney got their inspiration from :) #OriginalPussInBoots

{the Imaginary Dachshund} beautiful original painting by Clair Hartmann

no matter how hard they trying no stopping me since i've found... MY INNER NINJA!!!