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Erato was one of the nine Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and dance. Her name means “the lovely” or “beloved” from the Greek word eratos. In Classical times, when the Muses were assigned specific artistic spheres, she was named Muse of erotic poetry and mimic imitation and represented holding a lyre.

Goddess Mujaji

Mujaji’s themes are balance, restoration, weather, cleansing and fertility. Her symbols are rainwater. Mujaji is an African rain Goddess who exudes gently with fertility, or fiercely with cleansing, depending on the need. Her power and presence is so impressive that it led H. Rider Haggard to write the novel She, based on Her cult.

Draenei Paladin by Songqijin I will forever know my friend Christopher Lawrence playing this toon. :( Miss those days!