26 Photos So Cute They Will Make You Squeal Every Damn Time

Boo, Who Always Has To Have The Finest Shampoo In His Suite

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A Pommy Mommy international story! Kong the Pomeranian. This is NOT a love at first sight story. Find out if Kong won over his mommys heart or not! Click here http://pommymommy.com/a-pommy-mommy-international-story-kong-the-pomeranian/#

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Tiffany's & Pommies.... my 2 faves!!!

Pomeranians are so cute!!!

Pommie in a Basket

I love fluffy dogs..they make u wanna hug them sooooo much

Pomeranian ... hehe

I think I NEED this if I actually paint a room in my home white. What is it? I want to squeeze it!

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i love really cute dogs

cute dog - Gentleman @Trish Papadakos Papadakos Luce Baby Smerf!

Pomeranian Socks...why don't i own a pair of these yet??!!

Maltipoo. Oh my gosh! It's so cute and fluffy I'm gonna die! But seriously, I think I found my future dog.