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    • Cie Cefeg

      Honda's Miimo robotic lawn mower beats the heat.- If you're looking to plan ahead for next summer's grueling yard chores, Honda has something that will help you sweat a bit less. The company has unveiled Miimo, a robotic lawn mower that trims 2-3mm of grass in several shifts during the course of a week. The green-thumbed robot navigates with a combination of controls, timers and sensors while working inside the constraints of a buried boundary wire.

    • MikeShouts

      Honda Miimo Robotic Lawnmower

    • ATechpoint

      Honda's Miimo robotic lawn mower beats the heat, won't pour your lemonade. #tech #technology Check :

    • SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer

      Cool Gadgets: 1) Honda Miimo - a Roomba-like self-driving lawn mower 2) SmartShopper Grocery List Maker with Voice Recognition and built in printer. $149.95

    • Judith Lanier

      5 Smart Products Changing the Way You Live

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