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Kafka and his three younger sisters, Gabrielle, Valerie and Ottilie. During World War II, Kafka's sisters were sent with their families to the Łódź Ghetto and died there or in concentration camps. Ottla was sent to the concentration camp at Theresienstadt and then on 7 October 1943 to the death camp at Auschwitz, where 1,267 children and 51 guardians, including Ottla, were gassed to death on their arrival.

The floor drains in the Dachau gas chamber…

Denise-Dora GOTTFRIED was born on April 12, 1930, in Paris and lived at 29 rue de Turenne. She was deported with her mother, Chaya on convoy 22 to Auschwitz on August 21, 1942 where whe was murdered. Her father, Sélig, was deported on convoy 12.

One of the most famous photos taken during the Holocaust shows Jewish families arrested by Nazis during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, and sent to be gassed at Treblinka extermination camp. This picture and over 50 others were taken by the Nazis to chronicle the successful destruction of the Ghetto.

Simon Wiesenthal and his wife. They lost 89 members in their family in the Holocaust. They eventually reunited in 1945 where they lived a long life. Cyla died in 2003 and Simon passed in 2005. He became the famous Nazi Hunter, helping to capture Adolph Eichmann.

Harry Swaab. His diary was found during building activities on the Thorbeckeplein in Amsterdam. The diary was hidden behind boards and turned out to be personal notes and a diary from Harry Swaab, who hid there until 1943. Harry Swaab was murdered on June 11th, 1943 in Sobibor. The diary was found on May 12th, 1983 ~

Children deported to Ravensbruck and Mauthausen concentration camps. Kleinmann Family Foundation. Eleventh Annual Cegep Holocaust Symposium.

Ilse Oschinsky poses with her friend Renate Glogowsky. Renate and her family later immigrated to Brazil. Ilse was sent on a transport to England. Her family perished.