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  • Krista Bear

    Love this idea, a teenage advice book written by people who she knows and of course, have "been there"

  • Jennifer Kennedy

    Book of advice from family and friends. Could be for 13th or even 18th birthday. #LOVETHIS we could make cards to pass out and then make a book out of it. JK

  • Becka Siegel

    Teenage Advice Book (excerpts from family & friends)

  • Ana

    Advice Book. A woman wrote to family members and asked for the most important things they've learned, favorite quotes, stories, poems, top 5 qualities a young woman should have, advice on boys,a wish they wanted for her daughter, and pictures. They compiled all of this and gave it to her daughter for her 13th birthday. I feel like this would be good to give as a graduation present or for an 18th birthday gift as well, with modified advice suited more towards a young adult.

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I dont agree with this at all. I would change it to say: I AM YOUR FRIEND. I will be there for you always. I will go with you to a movie on a Friday night. I will never talk behind your back, or start rumors about you. I will listen to your hopes, dreams, triumphs, frustrations and disappointments. We have a bond for life, not only because I am your parent, but also your friend.

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