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VW's concept car based on their micro bus from the '60's and '70's. SO cute, but just didn't fly.

mini kombi this is cute. What do you think Dayne Piehl?

If I could have a mini van that looked like this, then I'd go for it!

To drive this. I used to look at one jut like it everyday on my way home and I promised myself that when I was older I would go buy it. When it was gone I was so upset!

Matte Black VW van. This better be my next car. I'll run that baby on vegetable oil

I remember going to south Texas camping in a bus just like this... Funny thing is I hated it!!! Haha...times sure do change :)

Vintage cream. Lovely. Maybe 2 coloured with the bright colour from the wedding theme? Bridesmaids and family transport idea

If you think I had forgotten the idea of traveling to see Jack in VW van, think again

VW Longleat Caravan Club Campsite This is Love! I miss my dreen VW Grønningen ❤