Home made stamps. We used to make these from potatoes as a kid and print it onto butchers paper. Best Xmas paper ever!!


Make your own stamps Tutorial and Inspiration for Designs

DIY wrapping paper using potato printing

GEOMETRIC hand carved rubber stamp handmade by talktothesun, $26.00

Bird ; Diy Rubber Stamp #rubberstamp #stamp #rubber

DIY chevron rugs

Floral Leaf Rubber Stamp for Patterns Gift Wrap by stampcouture, $10.00

I need to start making myself some stamps, this is literally the easiest DIY project in the world

stamped fabric - Rianne van der Waals

#bird #ink #packaging


Stamp patterns on fabric

DIY: Hand-Stamped Upholstery Fabric

DIY stamps

Make Your Own Holiday Cards And Wrapping Paper With These DIY Stamps

panda stamp diy

DIY rubber stamps.

So cute stamp !

DIY rubber stamps made from erasers.