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5 Hitler Fact

5 Hitler Fact
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5 Hitler's Fact

5 Hitler Fact

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DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'

'Hitler was descended from Jews and Africans' DNA tests reveal | Daily Mail Online

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When Einstein Met Tagore: A Remarkable Meeting of Minds on the Edge of Science and Spirituality

On July 14, 1930, Albert Einstein welcomed into his home in the outskirts of Berlin the Indian philosopher Rabindranath Tagore. The two proceeded to have one the most stimulating, intellectually riveting conversations in history, exploring the age-old friction between science and religion.



20 Rare Historical Photos


In one of the most infamous pictures of WWII, a member of the SS prepares to shoot a Jewish woman with her back to him, desperate to protect her child. A single bullet from his rifle was sufficient for both at such intimate range. Anecdotes say that the shooter - a Hungarian Auxiliary - was drunk when he did this, and upon sobering up, was so horrified at his deed that he committed suicide.

Lviv pogroms, Petlura days, July 27-29, 1941 - The Lviv pogroms were two massacres of Jews living in and near in the city of Lwów, the occupied Republic of Poland (now Lviv, Ukraine), that took place from June 30 to July 2 and July 25–29, 1941.

Joseph and Magda Goebbels and their six children. Goebbels ran propaganda for Hitler. When the Allies invaded Berlin at the end of the war, the Goebbels gave each of their children a shot of morphine, then places crushed cianide in their mouths. The oldest was 12, the youngest 4. (The man at the top of the pyramid was Magda's son by her first marriage, superimposed into the photo.)

Want to see what hate looks like? Here it is - Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, upon hearing that his photographer - Alfred Eisenstaedt - was Jewish., He blamed the defeat of Germany on the German people and not Hitler. On May 1st, 1945, he gave poison to his six children and then shot his wife and himself.

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A Picture Of Defiance Resurfaces: Shipyard Worker Who Refused To Give Nazi Salute

A lone dockworker refuses to raise his hand in the Nazi salute, 1936 August Landmesser was a worker at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg,Germany, and is best known for his appearance in a photograph refusing to perform the Nazi salute at the launch of the naval training vessel HorstWessel on 13 June, 1936. He had been a Nazi Party member from 1931 to 1935, but after fathering children with a Jewish woman, he had been found guilty of“dishonoring the race”

A mother holds her newborn baby in the Kovno (Lithuania) Ghetto hospital. A Jewish star is sewn onto the child's blanket, marking the baby for probable death just minutes after he or she was born. Of the 30,000 original residents of the Kovno Ghetto, which was established in the summer of 1941, less than 10% survived.

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100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time

Adolf Hitler Hitler gained absolute political power in Germany through an election and subsequent political and military manoeuvres that established him as the Fuhrer of Germany. His vision of a unified Germany appealed to the wider German electorate, but the darker side of Hitler’s views and the subsequent World War II brought about a decimated Germany and his own downfall. Date: Around 1932. Photographer: Unknown.