cameo/ This is absolutely gorgeous !

amazing eye makeup and cool chest cameo tattoo

Model Apnea's chest tattoo. Jon Glessner at Ghost Town in Old Ellicott City, Maryland tattooed it. He's since then moved to Erie, PA.

Cameo chest piece tattoo (so pretty!) // I wouldn't want a chest piece, but this is well done.

l tattoo diventano arte. Al Museo Maxxi di Roma i tatuaggi merletto di Marco Manzo, uno degli artisti più quotati del settore, vincitore di oltre 50

30 Matching Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Cool Matching Tattoo Ideas For Couples Tattoos are ways of representing love between couples.

20 skull cameo tattoo designs, more tattoo designs and skull inspirations at…


I really like the frame idea for a chest piece.

Cameo tattoo by billy at royal 1 tattoo in fort worth, texas

This is way too big for me, but the soft facial features are very true to a genuine cameo

Met plakwimpers maak je een extra sterk ontwerp.

love this body paint! Half tattoo, half jewelry Ulorin Vex - Black Lace by ~PhantomOrchid on deviantART. Body paint,Liquid latex, I don’t know, but the design is gorgeous. So is the corset. And those eyelashes!

tattoo bride

People always told me to get tattoos where they can't be seen while in my wedding dress- Screw that. Do you see how beautiful that is? This is exactly what I want as my dress, Austin will probably look just like that on our wedding day.

And days went by like paper in the wind…

Gorgeous Tattoo: "And days went by like paper in the wind. A Charmaine Olivia tattoo like mine :)

romântico victoriano

suicideblonde: “ Jessica Brown-Findlay and Mary Charteris photographed by Alex Sainsbury for Dominic Jones Jewelry, Fall/Winter 2012 This looks like the cover of a lesbian vampire novel THAT I TOTALLY.

you know who you are...

People say, oh what will you do when you're old with all those tattoos? Be Fucking fabulous , DUH!

• Monami Frost •

Monami and Anrijes

blue tattoos tumblr - Google Search

She's so fucking gorgeous ugh

Vintage Women with Full Body Tattoos (11)

Cattive ragazze vintage: 20 foto d'epoca di donne completamente tatuate

a cameo tattoo would be lovely


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the mirror chest piece?

Cameo Tattoo. Don't like the location, but love the idea.

I really like the frame idea for a chest piece.