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The Magazine Body Issue

Strength makes you a better golfer. Golfer in pic by ESPN: Camillo Villegas

herewearegoingfrom herewearegoing

…words to the wise…exercise…

Blog entry...HEREWEAREGOING...exercise? Unless there's a naked George Clooney, Brad PItt, or Christopher Meloni in the equation . . . forget me twisting and contorting my body to do anything other than shoot a shot or puff a drag. So there.

Something badass about this. If we were both covered in paint looking into camera. Both of us naked maybe covered in paint hiding our wee wees with paint brushes and shit. Happy medium of serious & funny

Meet the extraordinary Cristiano Ronaldo. He's a football player well-known throughout the world for being the most expensive footballer in the history of the sport, as well as among the top best players in the world. Since he started playing football, Cristiano quickly rose up to becoming one of the most successful players in the sport. "God sent me to earth to show people how to play football". Cristiano Ronaldo

Indus-Harappan Seal. Much conjecture exists as to who the man is. This is the classic pose of the masters of the Jain religion; naked standing with arms and legs not touching the body. Jainism predates the Vedas, Hinduism and Buddhism. Yet the Vedas do mention the Jain masters.