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Maybe a cheese log can change someone’s life. But in some of the world’s toughest places, a  milking cow can do a whole lot more for a family in need. Your presents can make a difference! Shop over 50 Mercy Corps Gifts at

You know what’s better than socks? A four-legged sock-making machine. This holiday, give a sheep to a family in need. Shop over 50 Mercy Corps Gifts at #giftsthatgive #sheep

Acre of rice -- $30 -- When rice production falls, people go hungry. That's why Mercy Corps teaches family farmers how to grow more rice on less acreage. By helping to turn less into more, you're bringing more food to families everywhere. Buy this life-changing gift at

Emergency shelter -- $35 After a disaster, Mercy Corps rushes emergency shelter – as well as food, water and medical supplies – to families whose lives and homes have been devastated. We make sure parents and children are safe and help them begin to rebuild. Buy this life-changing gift at

Community garden -- $40 In places where fresh produce is hard to find or afford, Mercy Corps provides families with seeds, tools and know-how to plant their own household gardens. The plants provide enough for plenty of healthy meals, as well as a little extra to sell at the market. Buy this life-changing gift at #giftsthatgive #garden

Educate a girl -- $100 Mercy Corps works with communities to offer equal schooling to boys and girls. When girls are educated, family income rises and child malnutrition drops. Educating girls gives them, their families and their communities the opportunity to succeed. Give the gift of a girl's education at #educate #giftsthatgive

Emergency food -- $25 In times of crisis, Mercy Corps delivers ready-to-eat food and cooking essentials to hungry families with nowhere else to turn. You're making sure families can survive even in the worst of times. Give the gift of emergency food at #giftsthatgive

The perfect gift! Let your loved ones know that this year you want to help families in some of the world’s toughest places.

The need is great — but your support is greater. Help us reach our goal of delivering over $1 million worth of lifesaving food, clean water, critical help — and hope — to families when they need it most. Make your lifesaving gift today and have it matched.