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Ghost Photo - Stirling Castle Spirit- In 1956, an architectural photographer visited Stirling early in the morning to snap a few shots of the empty castle. The photographer saw no one inside, but when he developed the photos he was shocked.

It all began around 1985, when several mysterious fires occurred in England. Only thing that survived the fires was painting of a little boy with a tear rolling his cheek. There were several of these paintings around. And each home would be totally destroyed but the painting of the little crying boy would not show any sign at all of going through a fire. There have been reports of the crying boy painting being found in burnt homes untouched since 1985 and as recent as 1998.

Scott's Hut, Cape Evans, Antarctica -built in 1911 - ten men were marooned here and three died - apparitions are seen,voices and footsteps, feelings of being watched


Alcatraz Ghost Photo

Ghost photo

ghost photo

Spirit Standing in the Doorway...

Haunted photo

Most Terrifying Locations On Earth The Screaming Bridge At least 36 people were reported dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Ghostly figures, mists, and lights have been seen, as well as black hooded figures and a phantom train. According to the legend, a man and woman were held up on top of the bridge while travelling on a car. At first the man got out to get help to save the woman but she died, later the man also died...

Apparition at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles ... Scary place indeed... :0)


The Most Terrifying Places in America 1 (Documentary) (+playlist)

color orbs

Orb colors

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864.

ghost hunting

Grant and Jay! We've got something for you guys to check out in our bar!

Thought of submitting this to one of those ghost-hunter shows! Do you see the giant smoke hand about to grab my daughter, Molly? :)

57. Ghost Hunters, and other ghost hunting tv shows. (But Ghost Hunters are my favorite!)

Cant wait to this hotel! Estes Park's Stanley Hotel in Colorado near Rocky Mountain National Park. this hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining, the place where Dumb & Dumber was shot, and has been featured on many ghost hunting shows for its famous "guests". Beautiful shot!

This lens is a collection of most of my favorite TAPS Ghost Hunters paranormal and ghost hunting videos. I'm a big fan of TAPS and I really...

Ghost Hunting in Michigan's First Prison (1838).

Spirit Box B-PSB7 EVP for ITC Research

Become a ghost hunter... I seriously want to go on at least one legit ghost hunt.