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Spirit House, also known as Timothy Brown House or Brown's Hall, is a historic home located at Georgetown in Madison County, New York. It was built about 1865. The use of the scallop pattern gives the Spirit House a highly textured surface and it is almost impossible to discern how it is constructed without close inspection. It features a three tiered cornice with downward pointing keys. It was constructed as a residence and for meetings of Spiritualists in a large hall on the second floor.

Gunkanjima: This school in Japan has been abandoned since 1974 but locals and tourists maintain that it is haunted by many spirits.

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Photographies anciennes de fantômes

Wow creepy

Kent Masonic Temple, Ohio -There are two ghosts which haunt the building, the first is that of Kitty Kent, the wife of Marvin Kent. She died by being burned alive by the kerosene cooker on the third floor, activity from this spirit includes banging noises coming from the room when it is empty, and scratch marks appearing on the walls and floor of the room, as well as on an old french mirror that has since been moved from the room.

Sweetwater Mansion: Florence, Alabama. Sweetwater is an old Southern style mansion from the 1800s and was once a plantation. Sweetwater is said to house many spirits of the past and has a reputation for being extraordinarily haunted.

Haunted West Virginia: The Most Haunted Locations by Jeffrey Fisher. $4.99. 31 pages. This guide offers information on the most haunted locations in the state of West Virginia. Each location includes information on its history, and the spirit(s) believed to haunt the property. Show more Show less

A haunted building in Vishnu Illinois. Now abandoned, it is literally a ghost town with nothing but it's spirits.. :0)

The Lighthouse Inn in New London, Connecticut - opened in 1902 - a young bride died here; she is seen still dressed in her wedding dress either quietly reading or wandering the Inn, the smell of perfume accompanies her spirit - the spirit of a young girl is seen and heard playing, laughing, and running in the hallways, she opens & closes doors - another female apparition in an old-fashioned dress is seen wandering the hallways, phantom footsteps are heard throughout

Ghost Photo - Stirling Castle Spirit- In 1956, an architectural photographer visited Stirling early in the morning to snap a few shots of the empty castle. The photographer saw no one inside, but when he developed the photos he was shocked.

Ghost Hunting Starter Kit - Includes everything you need to get starter in paranormal research: an GaussMaster EMF Meter, Motion Sensor, Infrared Pen Type Thermometer, EVP Listener, and carrying case. Also includes “Ghost Tech” whichs helps you get started.

Creepy! This message in an abandoned home in the ghost town of Gilman, Colorado, reads: "And when I reached the top of the stair, I saw a man that wasn't there."

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Community Post: Ghostbuster Abe Lincoln

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864.

CA - The Morey Mansion, a Redlands icon, has been called America's favorite Victorian home. Its owners say the house has spirit, and their visitors have sensed or seen it. Photo: DEBRA GRUSZECKI/STAFF PHOTO