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It actually makes a wedding a lot cheaper. Because no one shows up. Because you are creepy.

Funny wedding pictures Are your wedding photos this bad? From ugly wedding dresses to just plum crazy brides and grooms, don't belong in a wedding album!

This really does happen.

Your morning ritual is a humiliating misery:yes this is me.I don't actually have to get the food. the food is already IN THE BOWL.I'm just walking him to his M*&(^F*&g food bowl.

The 19 Drunkest People Of All Time; I just died.

The 19 Drunkest People Of All Time These are the funniest things ever! I laughed so hard.

Planking - 30 Wedding Photobombs Will Have You Screaming ‘I Do!’ with Laughter

30 Wedding Photobombs Will Have You Screaming ‘I Do!’ with Laughter

Pastor Planking in Background of Wedding Photo. I want this picture done for my wedding hahaha

missing missy - It's so hilarious and I miss it.

I Feel Bad She Lost Her Cat, But Her Coworker’s Response Is One Of The Funniest Things I’ve Ever Seen. [The infamous David Thorne]

Funny Ghetto Swimming Pool Joke Picture

Funny Ghetto Swimming Pool Joke Picture- I love this, we were so poor we didn't even have trash bags, ha ha ha


Dude How Do You Even Walk? Pants on the Ground Fashion Fail ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

proposal with christmas tree farm - I'd love that...

Looking for unique Christmas Marriage Proposal Ideas? We've rounded up the best ideas from across the internet to help plan your own holiday proposal.

Stars + Höhenunterschiede: Netter Versuch - Kim Kardashian kommentiert dieses Foto ihrer ungleichen Schwestern mit "Twins", doch fehlen Kylie dafür wohl noch schlappe 20 Zentiumeter um an die 1,79 Meter von Kendall Jenner heranzukommen.

Der Größenunterschied der Stars