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{:· Lizzy B Loves ·:}: visual + sparkle = color

visual + sparkle = color

This is such a sweet picture. I would love to have a bird or birds. So would my cat. That's why I don't have any birds.i think these are love birds.i used to have them as pets.they're smart and cute

Video: Birds observed arguing over parental duties for first time ...

Video: Birds observed arguing over parental duties for first time .


The Araripe Manakin, Antilophia Bokermanni, is a critically endangered bird from the family of Manakins (Pipridae).: It was discovered in 1996 and scientifically described in 1998 in Brazil.

Mourning Dove; so common that we see them all day long.  Their song is easy to remember.  Aunt Colleen and I used to use it with each other when we were children.

A mourning dove sits beautiful perched on a tree branch awaiting her next flight. "Mourning Dove" © Christy Cox Photography - the beauty of nature

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Luca Rossi on

"Robin in the Rain" sung by Raffi Written by Claire Senior Burke. OR was it Brychan B. Powell of Scranton, PA? A few days ago I rece.

a0x: r2—d2: Cardinal ❤ liked on Polyvore

Have to name him Cam, after my youngest son that loved Redbirds & the color red. Beautiful male Cardinal on a winter branch.

Animal Symbolism of the Blue Jay. "Trust in your heaviness and patiently fall. This is what the bird teaches us." - Rilke (adapted)

Animal symbolism: Symbolic Blue Jay Meaning-energy, clarity and curiosity are a few aspects of the blue jay. Is the blue jay your animal totem? Click the link for an extensive description of blue jay medicine.


Colorful Birds In Love

*LET IT SNOW ~ Beautiful little Mountain Bluebirds snuggle together. I just amazes me the beautiful things God has made for us to enjoy.

When one of the disciples made the request, "Show us the Father," Jesus answered, "Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known Me, Philip? He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?" John 14:8, 9

Beautiful swan and it's reflection---ok that's not a reflection it's a mirror image, but i like the editing idea

queenbee1924:Lil “hummer” in spring

queenbee1924:Lil “hummer” in spring (ZsaZsa Bellagio Tumblr)

Finding Neverland — muttydesign: our-amazing-world: Hummingbird on.