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    Most photographers do not feel comfortable in taking photographs in bad weather. Yet bad weather sometimes presents the perfect opportunity to get most out of our skills. In particular, in the beginning of autumn rain can provide the perfect opportunity to capture wonderful photos. Shooting in rain ...
    September 7, 2008

    Rain cloud with rainbow ~ gorgeous

    3y Saved to Mother Earth
    • anita loveday

      a beautiful gift from mother nature. (A rainbow) arises through the conjunction of various factors, but there is nothing about it that can be grasped. Likewise, thoughts that arise in the mind have no tangible existence or intrinsic solidity' Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

    • LeAnne Moore

      Rain cloud with rainbow ~ gorgeous… God always creates the most beautiful masterpieces! <3

    • Penny Harrison

      rainbows and storms upon the fields are a beautiful site to see and smell just as lovely.

    • Valerie De Vincent

      Sweeping Storm Double Rainbow Image Credit : Valerie de Vincent

    • Sanja Knezovic

      What a beautiful picture of a rain cloud with rainbow

    • Susan Rowe-Brooks

      Beautiful rainbow in a storm. berry-break-13

    • carol ravignat

      Beautiful Double Rainbow

    • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

      What does a rainbow look like from an airplane, up in the clouds! Here it is! #SCIENCE RESEARCH #DdO:) - - SKY LIGHTS, with other photos of the sun, moon, sunrise, sunset. BUT: What LOOKS like a rainbow in some OTHER photos- not this one with patchwork quilt farm land giving depth perception to the scene- is an optical illusion- Not real, because the angle between the SUN > DROPLET > VIEWER must stay a constant 42 degrees. Here's Why: Rainbows form when sunlight hits water droplets in atmosphere that split sunlight into its constituent colours-- & reflects them at an angle of about 42 degrees, causing a rainbow to appear. So it's impossible to see a rainbow in front of you AND then fly OVER it-- As the angles change, the rainbow disappears or is seen in a different place. EXPLANATION of wrong rainbow photos from planes: The plastic in airplane windows have a property called birefringence that splits light into 2 distinct rays, which disperse colors. As light emerges from the window, the 2 rays of light interfere with each other & create color bands ASSUMED wrongly to be a rainbow outside- esp if the camera has a polarizing filter. PHOTO CREDIT: ZASU, on 35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography – Smashing Magazine

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    Cloud Horse

    This multi-coloured cloud looks as if a rainbow has formed high in the heavens. The phenomenom - called a sundog - happens when ice crystals appear in clouds and refract the sun’s rays.

    Beautiful Double Rainbows


    storm over colorado BY:haley luna

    Wonderful timing on this photo

    tornado and rainbow

    Incredible red dust storm and rain clouds combine over Indian ocean, off West Australia (Jan 9, 2013)


    ✯ Full Spectrum Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Or, as my Art Teacher taught us, ROY G. BIV

    Reminds me of a shirt I had when I was little that said "It bearly rains in Oregon" with little bears falling like raindrops.

    Somewhere over the rainbowmy first ballet solo ever! I will never forget it!♥

    Rainfall, by Chikara Umihara, from Jen Beckman's amazing 20x200 site. The fact that this is a photograph of upstate New York makes it even more soulful for me.

    Quadruple rainbow

    What a GREAT Rainbow over water. For rainbow products and info, look here: ***** Referenced by $1 Dollar Web Hosting ( BEST WebSite Hosting on the planet - Affordable, Reliable, Fast, Easy, Advanced, and Complete.©

    Fire rainbow cloud behind a storm cloud near Delray Beach, Florida

    'Crazy clouds'... Nebraska

    Wow! Lightning and Rainbow! Mother nature is showing off! #Lightning #Rainbow

    Noctilucent clouds are crystals of ice hanging around 50 miles high in the atmosphere that catch the light of the sun long after it has set on the horizon